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Enhance coding best practices and add notifications to your MVC controllers and models.

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Out of the box, Microsoft provides a tremendous amount of information, and supporting material to get started working with MVC Routing, Controllers, Models and Views. No doubt these are important to know first, however very little consistent guidance is provided for how to build models that can be used to properly separate concerns while being the conduit to transfer data from controller to view.

FatModel fills this gap for both those web developers that are new to ASP.Net MVC, as well as for more seasoned developers that want a consistent methodology to develop web based applications. Even if you have years of experience with Microsoft software, tools and application development, there is always something new that can be learned.

The FatModel framework provides intuitive and unobtrusive base classes and interfaces for models and controllers that facilitate consistent sub classing and usage of MVC Models. Included is a solid set of best practices for MVC, which can be used with FatModel, or used independently with any ASP.Net application.

  • FatModel is based on a common best practice known as Skinny Controller, Fat Model, Dumb View. The classes and interfaces provided make it easy to implement and conform to this best practice.
  • Easy to use - Just add one method to your startup config code.
  • Use FatModel as the basis for a new ASP.Net MVC application.
  • Add FatModel to an existing ASP.Net MVC application. Your existing controllers and models will continue to function as they do now, without any code changes, while you add FatModel to the controllers where you want to make use of it.
  • FatModel does not change to your Views or Action Results. The framework works with ASP.Net, Razor, Views, Partial Views, Ajax, JSON, jQuery, AngularJS, Bootstrap and more.
  • Provides additional View helpers for Ajax forms and controllers that allows a RedirectTo from a partial view controller. (comming soon)
  • FatModel can be used with applications written in either C# or VB.Net. Works with any version of Visual Studio that supports ASP.Net MVC5, .Net 4.5.2 or newer - version 2012 or newer.
  • Written in Visual Studio ASP.Net, 100% C# code and based on the .Net Framework 4.5.2 and MVC 5.

Amazing Fact   This website was written with FatModel