Providing products and services to the .Net development community since 2003

Loma Consulting has been providing products and services to the .Net development community since 2003. This includes InstallKey – the easiest to use tool for licensing and product activation for .Net applciations

Less is More

LomaCons subscribes to the notion that Less is More when it comes to developer utilities and tools.

Less means More Functionality

How can less features provide more functionality?

You can build upon the reliable and fully tested features of LomaCons products because our products provide a solid framework that can perform the core business logic while providing the necessary hooks where you can provide your own algorithms and customizations. In this way, a smaller feature set means we can spend more time ensuring that the core logic is sound and you have a shorter learning curve.

Less means More Value

How can a cheaper product provide more value?

Why pay for hundreds of obscure features that you are not going to use. LomaCons develops highly useable and extendable software solutions. We have enterprise class products at small shop prices. All off the shelf solutions will need to be customized to meet your unique requirements and ours in no exception. To meet your needs and requirements, a large, expensive solution will need to be customized just as smaller solution will. You can spend weeks trying to get a large end to end solution to meet just some of your requirements – or – you can extend a simple LomaCons solution in a few days and meet ALL of your requirements.